Icon skillspellslinger cone of frost
1.3 sec cast
Range 35.0 m
7 sec cooldown
Required Level: 9
Deal X magic damage to 5 foes and applies Snare

Snare Reduces Movement Speed by 35% for 4.5s.

Spell Surge: Reduces cast time to 0.0s and reduces Movement Speed by 55%.

Tier Upgrade
Normal: +x damage, +0.25s Snare
Surged: +x damage, +0.25s Snare
Tier 4 Major Upgrade
Reduces Cooldown to 5.0s.
Tier 8 Major Upgrade
Normal: Snare increased to 50%

Surged: Snare increased to 70%

Individual Tier BonusEdit

Damage increase and Snare duration increase for each Tier.
Tier Damage Increase Snare
Base 16.76%+8.95 +0.46% +0.25s
Tier 1 17.22%+8.95 +0.92% +0.50s
Tier 2 17.68%+8.95 +1.38% +0.75s
Tier 3 18.13%+8.95 +1.84% +1.00s
Tier 4 18.61%+8.95 +2.3% +1.25s
Tier 5 19.07%+8.95 +2.76% +1.50s
Tier 6 19.53%+8.95 +3.22% +1.75s
Tier 7 19.98%+8.95 +3.68% +2.00s
Tier 8 20.43%+8.95 +4.14% +2.25s

Spell SurgeEdit

Reduces cast time to 0s and reduces Movement Speed by 55%

External LinksEdit

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