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Galeras Deployment Day 21.

Something bloody strange is in the air around here. Maybe its List a side effect of this whimfiber. When I scan the stuff, pick up some residual kind of energy that the human eye has trouble seeing. Its got to be due to the heightened primal energy in this place. The Focus of Air charges everything with It. Some Cassians appear to possess a sort of allergy to it that makes them aggressive and irritable, but my equipment isn't sensitive enough to pinpoint exactly how it affects the nervous system. I suspect its causing a lot of trouble among some of the officers, because the number of soldiers coming through my tent with black eyes and cracked ribs has risen by three hundred percent since we've been stationed here.

Its not that unusual for troops on base to get into a scuffle now and then, but this seems like an unusual increase. I need more data. I've asked any officers who witness such issues - or who are feeling increased irritability or aggression themselves - to report the details to me immediately.


This journal is located in Galeras at the Crimson Base of Operations 4874,-2982

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