IconDominion  Chef Cecilia  IconDominion
Title Cooking Trainer
Gender Female
Race Cassian
Role Cooking Trainer
Location Luminous Gardens, Illium
Coordinates -3186,-638

Cecilia is a Cooking trainer in the tradeskill areas by the Cooking Grill. Tough Jerky is only the beginning of the hobby cooking in both Ellevar and Deradune.

Once in Illium there are more recipes available for purchase,

Recipes Edit

  • Pot Roast
  • Roasted Poultry
  • Bug Chowder
  • Fried Fish
  • Honeywheat Bread
  • Roasted Crowcorn


  • Roast Roan Tenderloin
  • Honeywheat-Glazed Buzzbing
  • Sauteed Buzzbing
  • Grilled Dagun Steak
  • Smoked Cubacon

Locations Edit

  • Illium,Luminious Gardens


  • Ellevar,Virtues Landing


  • Deradune


External links Edit

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