Thank you for purchasing, renting, or stealing the FreightSpace HCL47 Hypermagnetic Cargo Lifter for your project/war effort/subjugation/picnic. With the HCL47, we're sure you'll be successful/victorious/profitable/relaxed. Here are just a few of the special features that set FreightSpace apart.

- FreightSpace's patented Micro-suck Waves find the metals in any object - organic or mechanical - right before they attune a primal magnetometor to that frequency. Then they suck, lift and manipulate with the same raw power that made the HCL46 the best cargo lifter you'd ever need - until now, that is!

- Internal FreightSpace BalanceSure Gyroscopes ensure you'll never knock your giant metal-moving machinery off-balance or out of whack! Because nothing's more awkward than being knocked over by your own cargo.

- FreightSpace knows that operating levers and pushing buttons can be truly exhausting work, which is why the HCL47 cab boasts 20% more head clearance than the HCL46, all-new heated seating options, additional cup-holders, even a charger socket for your datachron so you'll never miss a call!

Repulsion Mode is the latest time-saving feature from FreightSpace, and its built right into the HCL47! Yes, usually you'll want to be lifting - but sometimes, you need to repel things as fast as you can! By reversing the polarity of the neutron flow in the power convertors feeding into the HCL47's central magnatron, you can turn your lifter into a serious pusher.

Approved for military uses by both FCON and the Dominion Military.


This journal is located in Ellevar at -2416,-2980 on the Mistymurk Road

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