Single list of Category:Carbine icon assets assets from WildStar. Only assets in Category:Carbine icon assets should be placed here. Used with permission. Images copyright 2014 Carbine Studios. All rights reserved.

Index Edit

An editable index to help find icons.

  • TFBTF, Tales from Beyond the Fringe
    • #Item TBF - Full game size item posters, ~400px wide
  • AMP, Ability, Spell, Tradeskill, Buff, other actions
    • #Skill - Action and command icons, 64px wide
  • Items
    • #Item - Bag icons, 64px wide
  • Maps
    • #Maps - Map feature (cave, city, etc...) mini icons, 128px wide with alpha
    • #Maps Nodes - Map node (NPC type, resource, quest, etc...) mini icons, 32px wide
  • Paths
    • #Missions - Path mission type icons, 64px wide with alpha
  • Housing
    • #Housing - Housing posters suitable for main pictures on housing pages, 256px wide
    • #Housing Warplots - Warplot posters suitable for main pictures on warplot pages, 256px wide

Images Edit

This section contains about 3500 images. Many are not really small icons, but placed into the banner / icon category by the game.

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