Unlocking Edit

This challenge is started automatically when you interact with a piece of garbage (F) in the Fate's Landing area.

Pick up trash in Fate's Landing before time runs out. Players have 2:40 to complete this challenge.

Tiers Edit

  • Bronze: Pick up 6 pieces of trash (125 points)
  • Silver: Pick up 12 pieces of trash (250 points)
  • Gold: Pick up 24 pieces of trash (375 points)

This challenge has a 30 minute cooldown before it can be attempted again.

Difficulty Edit

This is considered a normal difficulty challenge. Mounting is not helpful for this challenge, as you will be dismounted when interacting with the trash. Sometimes the trash spawns long distances apart, causing the challenge to take more time to complete.

Completing this challenge is required for the Up To The Challenge: Illium Achievement.

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