Camp Viridian is a tiny base of operations near Exo-site N22, there is only a single vendor for unloading items, buying supplies, and repairing gear.

Celestion Subzones
Belabog Containment Camp · Bonerazer Village · Camp Viridian · Cursewood · Darkloam Hollow · Darkwhisper Enclave · Emberwood · Exo-Site N22 · Glenview's Bulwark · Godsbreath Terrace · Greenbough Glen · Grimveil Enclave · Hijunga Village · Junction Zeta · Shroud Gloom Cell · Sylvan Glade · Tanglewood Grove · The Pools of Vitara · The Verdant Sanctuary · Thistlewood Thicket · Woodhaven

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