CVars < lod.renderTargetScale

Is a render option that scales the actual 3D-world render resolution relative to current screen resolution. Lower is more performant. Does work in windowed mode.

  • 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 - render lower than screen resolution.
  • 1 (default) - render same as current screen resolution.
  • 1.25, ... - render higher than screen resolution.
lod.renderTargetScale = 1
/eval Apollo.SetConsoleVariable("lod.renderTargetScale", 1)

UI Edit

Found on the 'Esc menu' video tab settings as the 'Render Target Scale' option.

0.5, 0.75, 1, 1.25?, 1.5, ... - As a 'stepped' slider control.

Summary Edit

This setting for lower values causes the 3D-world to be rendered effectively similar to choosing a full-screen resolution, in game, that's well below the native resolution of a flat panel display. For all intents in purposes will increase performance for somewhat similar reasons.

Values higher is assumed regular world geometry would be rendered at a higher resolution first and then scaled down for display current resolution, than normal instead. This feature is useful for gaining similar performance to lower resolution full screen, but works in windowed mode.

Notes Edit

  • As of IconPatch 6623:, is no longer listed on UI config menu.

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