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(These personal advertisements do not appear to be officially logged into the Bounty Board's data system.)

SAF Looking for Tree Daddy You: green boy who loves nature. Me: Aurin with a super-cute furry tail. Up for giggling, skipping, and fighting ugly monsters. No meanies need apply.

Chua, NOT the Zax, looking for New Long-Time Minion Been burnt by minions in past, they clumsy in lab. Minion gets: fun, adventure, and things that go BOOM! The Zax - that is, mysterious Chua scientist - gets: a hopefully sturdier minion! Also, this is not the Zax, who has no trouble finding dates. Or minions. Just shut up and write down ad, stupid personals editor!

Seeking Bloodthirsty Huntress to Pounce On My Heart My claws are sharp and my horns are long and curvy. Are you vicious enough to stalk my dreams? If so, contact me.

PS: I do bite!

MM and PR NS, ND, with NC and SE. Just GO of LTR and want to PTF. If you are LFF and DC then IM the Mechari 4U.

Exile with a Secret SEM has a secret. Exile men don't do it for me. I need a bad boy. Do you want to oppress lesser species? Do you laugh at the misfortune of others? Have you come to claim Nexus as is your divine right? Then you're the Dom(inion) for me! (Sorry, not into Chua.)

Sail th'Lovely Black With Me, Matey! I be but a poor swab glassin' fer a mate. Got's me own ship, so I do, and a lively crew belike, but alas, somethin' be missin', and I be reckonin' that somethin' be YOU! If ye be a fine lass with a heart yearnin' t'plunder, then I've got yer treasure map - "X" marks me heart! Also, it marks where buried me treasure, so don't get any funny ideas.


This Journal is located in Research Station X-22, The Defile at 3934,-4864

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