Boss Summoner is a modification is used with a Warplot Boss Token. Available in Basic, Reinforced, or Secure FABkits.

Boss Summoner Warplot Edit

Clicking on a Boss Token in the Warparty Bank (accessed on the Warparty ability bar) will produce a holo projection of the Token's creature. In addition, the Direct Boss ability (3 minute cooldown, 975 Nano-Pak Cost) can be used to teleport the Boss to the enemy's Warplot or return him to your team's Warplot. Only one boss can be summoned during a Warplot match.

  • Upgrade Bonus: 2.5m / 2m cooldown.
  • Nano-Pak Cost Per Upgrade: 655 / 800.
  • Energy Maintenance Cost: 96
  • Requires: Minimum Warparty Team Rating: 1400
  • Cost: 215 War Coins

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