Base Level: 12
Stack Count: 100
Crafting material most commonly found in Algoroc Celestion, Deradune, Ellevar, Galeras, and Auroria, Used by the Technologist and Tailor.
Sell for: 1IconSilver 27IconCopper

Bladeleaf model in the world

Bladeleaf is an herb used as a crafting material by architects, tailors, and technologists. Bladeleaf is obtained through farming (aka. shooting at it).

Schematics Edit

Architect Edit

  • Bramble Bush (Small)
  • Bushberry (Short)
  • Vind Thorn Bush (Short)

Tailor Edit

  • Canvas Cloth

Technologist Edit

  •  ???

Notes Edit

  • As of closed beta (2014-4-27) seems to be relatively rarer than other herbs

External links Edit

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