Avra Darkos

The Black Hoods are the covert intelligence organization that protects the Exiles from Dominion spies and assassins. Led by the secretive Mordesh, the Black Hoods are very good at inserting their agents into hostile territories in order to keep tabs on their enemies. They are also extremely skilled at rooting out traitors and spies in their midst, and foiling the espionage operations of their opposites in the ICI.

The Blacks Hoods are often feared and mistrusted by other Exiles. Their methods can be brutal and cruel, and they keep watch on their allies as closely as they do their enemies. Despite this reputation, most Exiles consider the Black Hoods a necessary evil.


The Mordesh female Avra Darkos is the leader of the Black Hoods. Known as "the Widow," Avra is methodical and deadly as a spider. She enjoys spinning complex and treacherous webs of deception - and then painfully dispatching of the enemies who become trapped within them. Although her skills are invaluable, she is also feared by many of the Exiles - for the Widow is always watching, and her webs might be anywhere.


Black Hoods operations are running in almost every territory on Nexus - whether friendly or hostile. They employ both magic and technology as they ply their trade, and utilize a broad range of specialists - everything from spies and assassins to cryptographers and viralists. They employ alchemists and mesmerists to aid them in interrogations of one kind, and torturers to aid them in others. Secrecy, anonymity, and vigilance are vital to the continued success of all Black Hoods ops.


The Black Hoods have perfected the use of surveillance devices known colloquially as "wires" - machines that connect a sub-sentient creature's central nervous system to a transmitter. These may be hidden or camouflaged, though more often than not Black Hoods agents simply attach their wires to creatures such as razortails which are themselves difficult to catch. This surveillance system could also be turned into a weapon by agents unworried about harming innocent creatures.


In increasingly frequent situations, a Black Hoods operation must act in utmost secrecy, and with as much autonomy from the rest of the organization - excluding Avra Darkos - as possible. These operations are typically known as cells, and the agents who serve in them are among the Widow's most trusted operatives. They must be, for secrecy often demands they make decisions on their own, without guidance from the Mordesh spymistress.


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