Black Box #45A9 (Wiki wouldn't allow the use of the number sign in the title)

(The Black Box contains a recording of the moments prior to the crash.)

DOON: This is Corrigan Doon to tower, l am ready for takeoff.

TOWER: What? No flight plan listed for Corrigan

Doon. Wait! Get out of there!

DOON: It's a bright and sunny day, and I'm taking this little beauty for a spin.

TOWER: No, no, no! No civilians allowed in Dominion military vessels! Are you intoxicated?

DOON: Checklist complete. Let's fly!

TOWER: Did you - wait you ARE intoxicated! Did you hack the breath analysis software? Get out of there!

DOON: Launching in five... four... three... two...

TOWER: Disengage!

DOON: One... and... engage. Whoooo-hoo, this baby can move! Wait a moment.. I say there, should the sky be gray? And rushing right at me like that?

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