Following notes compiled about terminites. Most current information available - not necessarily accurate!

Species: Terminitus leiunitas

Size: Big compared to Chua Diet All organic matter, seems to prefer Chua

Lifespan: Unknown

Lifecycle: Egg / Larva / Juvenile / Adult / Unknown Lifecycle

Note: Largest terminite observed is Hillscourge Horror

Offensive,Defensive Capacity: High

Aggressiveness: Is there category higher than "High"?

Weapons: Mandibles, Claws, Venom

Related Natural Products: Goo/slime. Hardens into resin, used to build nests.

Research Notes

Terminites distressing. Could destroy Deradune, infest rest of Nexus.

Terminite reproductive rates incredible. Many, many eggs on surface. Likely many more eggs in exo-lab 79. Where do eggs come from? Unknown. Brood mother, maybe? Terminite queen? Concept disturbing.

Recommendation: Contain/isolate terminite colony at once. Destroy if possible, run away if not.


This journal is located in Deradune at -5173,-1795 at the Hillscourge Station

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