Bezgelor is the homeworld of the Chua. The planet was formerly a lush and green world until its transformation into an industrialized wasteland after the introduction of new technologies by the Dominion ambassadors. It is a small planet in a binary star system and is orbited on its opposite sides by two moons: Pergo and Pago.

History Edit

The Chua of Bezgelor were known for their engineering and science despite their primitive society. Their intelligence caught the attention of the Dominion, who wished to advance their technology via Mechari ambassadors. One of the gifts from the Mechari ambassadors was a Cosmotron, which was the etymology for the Chua word "Cozmotronic." in return, the Chua sent a native beetle that exploded sticky goo onto the Mechari ambassadors, and it took much cleaning to remove the goo. As time passed, the Chua showed more potential than the Dominion expected, though at a great cost to Bezgelor's environment. The entire planet eventually became covered in factories that transformed it from a forest-covered world to a smog-filled metal ball. In addition, their housing transformed from a simple wooden huts to interconnected housing complexes called technopods. In 186 AE, the Chua joined the Dominion in order to gain resources that were now exhausted on their polluted home planet. Although Bezgelor's ecosystem was destroyed, there was no mention on the fate of Pergo and Pago.

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