IconDominion  Better, Faster, Stronger
Type Quest
Ringo Hax
Ringo Hax
Level 9
MinLevel 6
Location Webwood ForestEllevar
Rewards 4IconSilver 19IconCopper
Mistymurk Leggings
Mistymurk Waders
Spider Slayer Hand Wraps
Webspinner's Cluches
Reputation +376 The Ellevar Sanction
+376 DRED
Episode The Spider's Web
Previous Bug Zapper

Objectives Edit

  • Activate the Spiderbot Controller in the Webwood
  • Find the Webwood Queen in the Webwood

Description Edit

Ringo Hax at Mistymurk Camp wants you to use the Spiderbot Control Panel to hijack a Webwood Spider and find the lair of the Webwood Queen. Only then can an assault on the spiders be made.

Progress Edit

Completion Edit

Return to Ringo Hax at Mistymurk Camp

External links Edit

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