The beasts of WildStar can be both beautiful and deadly and oftentimes are. Below is a list of creatures commonly seen on the Planet Nexus as well as the neaby space zone known as Farside.

Creatures of WildStar

Boulderbacks Buzzbings Cactoids Canimids Chompacabra Cubigs
Dagun Dawngrazers Elementals Equivars Fraz Garr
Girrok Gorganoth Gribbons Gronyx Hookfoots Jabbit
Jellibollis Malverines Mammodin Medusas Oxian Pumera
Ravenok Razortails Roan Rootbrutes Rowsdowers Scrab
Shellark Slanks Sludgeons Snoglugs Spiders Spikehordes
Splorg Squirg Steamglider Stemdragons Stumpkins Terminites
The Strain Veggies Vind Vulcarrion Walatusk Warpigs
Xenobites Yeti Heynar Turtle Fish Kurg
Aurin Black Hoods Bots Chroniclers Chua Draken
Dreg Eeklu Ekose Eldan Eldan Constructs Falkrin
Freebots Giants Granok Grumpels Grund Humans
Ikthians Krogg Lopp Luminai Marauders Mechari
Megadroids Moodies Mordesh Murgh Oghra Osun
Pell Primevals Protostar Skeech Skeledroids Skurge

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