IconDominion  Axis Pheydra  IconDominion
Title ICI
Gender Female
Race Mechari
Type Superior
Level 40
Location Cryo-Recovery, Destiny

Axis Pheydra is the Mechari head of Imperial Corps of Intelligence (ICI). She is also the creator of Agent Lex.

History Edit

Axis Pheydra was one of the Mechari who serve their Eldan masters before their disappearance thousand of years ago. She was also the member of emissaries who came to Cassus for a swordmaiden named Tresayne Toria. When she fought the Mechari over the disagreement over bringing her fellow swordmaidens to Nexus, Axis was impressed by her skills and agreed to her terms.

Personality Edit

Axis Pheydra, like her fellow Mechari, is shown to be cold and calculating. Her unique trait is her knowledge on circumventing their programming that prevented them from eliminating the Luminai nobles. She built Agent Lex as an weapon to eliminate traitors within their ranks.

Trivia Edit

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