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Arwick Redleaf
Gender Male
Race Aurin
Type Superior
Level 40
Role Quest Giver
Armor Rating 18

Arwick Redleaf is a fierce and tough Consort of Queen Myala Everstar.

Description Edit

Like most Aurin, Arwick is short but spry and agile.  He has black shoulder length hair with a white tail and bat-like ears.

History Edit

After the war on Arboria, Arwick travelled to Nexus with his queen. He was also the one who convinced Queen Myala Everstar to leave Arboria due to the need of Aurin's leadership on Exiles Fleet. Ironically, according to Attack of the Planet Reapers!, he was the first one who objected on aiding the Exiles.

Personality Profile Edit

Unlike many Aurin--and his queen in particular--Arwick is vengeful and militaristic when dealing with the Dominion, advocating for relentless offensives against them.


Arwick appears on the Gambler's Ruin Greenhouse during the Exile tutorial, handing out quests to defeat Dominion forces.  He also offers quests in Everstar Grove and Celestion, continuing to help lead the Aurin people.

Trivia Edit

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