IconDominion  Artemis Zin  IconDominion
Title Exploration Society
Gender Female
Race Cassian
Type Superior
Target 40-man
Armor Rating 18

Lady Artemis Zin is the most prominent Dominion Explorer, hosting a high-impact reality show featuring her daredevil adventures all over the galaxy. Her fandom basically consists of the entire empire, with few exceptions (mostly being Chua). She is said to be a descendant of the Emperor himself via Empress Olyssia Zin, the wife of Dominus Half-Blood. She might be a Spellslinger due to her dual pistols as her main armament, which can be seen in her story in Tales From Beyond The Fringe and quests on her photoshoot.

Personality Edit

Artemis Zin is a daredevil, extremely self-centered and arrogant, most of her decisions based entirely on her needs and wants. She happily ignores advice and warnings if it gets in the way of something she wants to do, though she does remain consistently polite and kind to the people she interacts with.

Despite her world revolving around herself, there are a few people she cares about almost as much as herself: her mentor, friend, and bodyguard, Kevo, and her secret boyfriend, Toric Antevian. Though she frequently causes both of them no shortage of headaches and heart-attacks, she cares deeply for them.

She almost always has a cool, detached aura about her, one that requires a catastrophic event to shatter. Once she is made angry, her fury is a sight to behold, "an epic celebrity meltdown" that lives up to the term--the Fire of House Zin is not to be underestimated.

Appearances Edit

Players will first encounter Artemis during the Dominion tutorial within the Destiny's Imperial Museum and help her prepare for a broadcast.

She and Kevo are next seen in Levian Bay, where they are seeking out the Elder Cube. Despite having it within their grasp, the cube teleports away due to a sudden Exile attack, much to her fury.

After appearing briefly at the Lightreach Mission in Ellevar, Artemis takes off and does not appear again until Farside's jungle-filled Biodome 3. She and Kevo are investigating the elemental activity there and the machines used to create them.

In Wilderrun, Artemis can be found racing Dorian Walker to find the Everpool--a race that ends when the Torine Sisterhood deny them both entry.

Artemis and Kevo then head to Malgrave to continue their search of the Elder Cube. With the help of a Pell, they are finally successful. Artemis is absorbed into the cube and appears to have gained knowledge. Kevo, however, is repurposed by the Elder Cube into a defence mechanism, and the player must defeat him. Kevo is sent home for medical care, and Artemis remains in Area 77 to sort out her newfound knowledge.

When not appearing in the world as a quest giver, a hologram of Artemis can be found in the Imperial Museum, guiding Dominion players to complete their set of artifacts. She also regularly makes televised holographic appearances in Spaceport Alpha, telling tales of her exciting adventures in FarsideSkullcano, and other exotic locales.

Trivia Edit


Artemis zin

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