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Grimvault Expedition of Discovery

Day 21

Although it seems clear to even a casual observer, I cannot stress this enough - the current Grimvault the disease-infested universe of corruption and Strain, was not designed with anything like this in mind. The Eldan did not leave this place like this. They wanted the Strain confined, and Grimvault itself was more of buffer zone. Now the buffer zone is filled with Strain, and its only getting worse. All technology in this area, while Eldan and therefore mysterious and strange, nevertheless served a purpose, one the Eldan took with them when they disappeared. Now that technology has been compromised by the Techno-phage.

Grimvault Expedition of Discovery

Day 22

Although this Ethereal Cavity' resembles a natural formation, I'm beginning to think nothing in this Grimvaultis natural. It is completely saturated with corruption, and this underground network is no exception. What purpose did this corrupted complex serve? Was it as some have hypothesized, the site of the Eldan's downfall? I must dig deeper.

Grimvault Expedition of Discovery

Day 23

Dead. Most of them in the latest attack. The corruption all around us - it is coming to life. The Strain... it thinks. Walks, talks, and fights. It is intelligent. And it hates us.

It walked, it roared, it snarled, it killed. It wants It is not List a substance. It is thinking. It wants. It needs. It kills. It wants me to kill. It wants me to bin it They want me to bin them. I.. we.. will join them.

We will kill.


This journal is located in Southern Grimvault at 2209,439

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