(This is a collection of short parables and morality tales from the Aurin homeworld Arboria, complete with handwritten and surprisingly detailed footnotes appended.)


pp. 2-7 - This story is, as sharp-eared readers probably already guess, the basis of the famous ballad "The Consort Loves the Tree More Than Me But That's Okay.

p. 9 -A specific numeric breakdown: 76 feathernoses, 12 barkbeetles, 58 garr, 2 jabbits, 19 unidentified rodentoids, and a single fruiting body from the Oldest and Wisest Tree in the Universe.

p. 16 - "Matrias After Midnight' is believed to have officially ceased regular publication in 1457 A.E. and is banned in most Aurin communities.

p. 27 - The mature Arborian barkbeetle queen can lay 420,000 eggs per day for thirteen days before dying of exhaustion, which is why this joke is funny if you're an Aurin.

p. 31 - Most sources agree Matria Slaughterbark of Gullyflower Hollow was eventually caught and served seventeen years for racketeering, conspiracy to commit fraud, and twenty-one counts of earclipping in the first degree. The charges of murder, plant abuse, plant murder and being really mean were dropped for lack of proof.

p. 37 - Yes, "Treerotica" is really a word.

(The bottom of the page reads "Continued on next facing page," but that page appears to be missing. That's probably for the best)


This journal is located in Celestian in Emberwood at 1198, 3088 inside the tree

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