Arboria is the home-world of the Aurin race. The Dominion invaded after the Aurin was found to be assisting the Exiles with supplies and safe haven. Queen Myala Everstar and many of her people were forced to flee the planet.

The Current Fate of Arboria Edit

Although the planet is still under Dominion's control, there were many Aurins who were left behind and possibly defending the Mother Tree and the last remaining forests of Arboria based on the connection from Queen Myala Everstar's wooden crown. Even if there are possibilities of Aurins and the Mother Trees, the liberation of the planet requires large amounts of resources and manpower to defeat the Dominion occupiers on Arboria. Currently, there are possible signs of schism among Aurin race on Nexus between those who wish to return to Arboria (Thorns of Arboria) and those who plan to rebuild their culture on the new planet.

Images Edit

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