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The Lightkeeper

The Lightkeeper

Hear me, Lightkeeper, for my heart is heavy, and this world is full of horrors. The machines come for us. They hunt us day and night The queen says they did not follow us. They could not But how can she be certain? She said they would not take our world from us, that the Wise Ones would hold strong, that our allies would find us and save us. She thinks they saved us. But what did they save us for? And what did they save us from?

Every night I hear them. The mighty blades, swinging and sawing through the very heart of the forest I hear the screams of the trees as the Reapers cut them down. Things live in the treetops. The Aurin, the other creatures of the forest.. all dead... a rain of blood.

Did you hear our cries, Lightkeeper? Did you see the scarlet drops cascade down from the canopy onto the huddling, the terrified, the desperate?

If you did not hear us then, hear me now. Take this offering, the last seed I carried from Arboria. Bless this seedling and make it grow. Let this seedling take root in the fertile soil of this new world. And when the machines come again, as they must let this seedling stand proud, strong, and indomitable. Help us, Lightkeeper. Help me. Guide me to courage, for l have no courage left.


This journal is located in Celestion at Thistlewood Thicket  557,-2234

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