TO: The Warden

FROM: Gruk

RE: The Specifical Disposition of Gruk SEE ALSO: Specifical Testimony RE: Gruk Hi Warden. This is Gruk. Ya gone and left me stuck here in Deadrock for slag knows how long, butl wasn't even doing nothing wrong when ya caught me! I was just saying hello to some friends who just HAPPEN to be in the F-Troop or whatever they call themselves, ya know, none of my concern. Gruk? Just a miner. Independent type! I'm no Exile. I mean, what? Exile? Who would even think that? I just knew those guys, and was catching up, like I said.

So there ya have it Warden. Clear testimonial-type stuff. Thats gotta hold water with the review board. Ya got one of those?

In closing,


Gruk the Granok Who Ain't an Exile

So shut up, youse. I mean, Warden.


This journal is located in Whitevale at 1414, 185 inside Deadrock Prison
An Innocent Granok journal

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