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Anton Lusk's Journal -22 Days Since Landfall

Been some time since my brother Denton and I went to our respective shuttles, and his was shot down over the Northern Wilds. I doubt I'll ever see my brother alive again, but that don't mean at least one Lusk ain't going to live to tell a few tales about Nexus. No need to be picky about which one. So Den, these findings are done in your honor.

Speakin' of which, I got somethin' damned interestin' to report There's somethin' on this planet that might just remember a bit more of its history than those creepy Pell or those pugnacious bird-men out Galeras-way. Calls itself a "Caretaker," a holographic Al the Eldan themselves built into a network that covers the whole planet That's what he tells me, anyhow. Hard to tell how much of its truth, because he's also gone a bit computer-bonkers, if ya ask me. One second he's threatening me with annihilation because I'm threatenin' "The Project" whatever that is, and the next he's calmly offerin' to help me open them doors over yonder. Which I think he's gonna do right about.. now. Back with ya in a moment, voice journal.

Yes. Yes, thats... better. Much. Better. Blood... sees. Red in the sky. Death. Death to all intruders. Project Protect Keep. Safe. Pro j.. pro... gah...

(remaining data untranslatable)


This journal is located in the Annihilator Control Room 14-A. Accessable via a small transporter in the corner of the main room

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