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IconDominion  All In Good Faith
Type Quest
Pyrius Octavian
Level 7
MinLevel 4
Location Ellevar
Experience 213
Rewards 2IconSilver 73IconCopper
Stormseeker Raiment
Stormseeker Hand Grips
Gapples of the Shady Dealer
Trader's Biofabric Overpants
Reputation +376 The Ellevar Sanction
+376 Vigilant Church
+60 Dominion [[]]
Episode The Rising Storm
Next Fair Trade

Objectives Edit

  • Pick up Dominion Supplies to trade to the Pell in Stormseeker Village
  • Deliver Dominion Supplies to the Elder Spirit-Walker in Stormseeker Village
  • Gain the trust of the Elder Wave-Caller by subduing Water Elementals in Stormseeker Village
  • Gain the trust of the Elder Mist-Dancer by killing Dagun in Stormseeker Village
  • Gain the trust of the Elder Brood-Mother by playing ball with the Stormseeker Broodlings in Stormseeker Village
  • Invis obj to track checklist

Description Edit

Pyrius Octavian has asked you to trade supplies to the Stormseeker Pell in exchange for the Eldan technology they possess. Pick up the supplies gathered across the bridge and deliver them to the Elder Spirit-Walkerin Stormseeker Village.

Progress Edit

Completion Edit

Speak with the Elder Spirit-Walker in Stormseeker Village

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