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Agent Lex
Title ICI
Gender Male
Race Mechari
Type Superior
Level 50
Role Quest Giver
Location Outreach Post, Deradune
Coordinates -4617,-1064
Target 40-man
Armor Rating 18

Agent Lex (acronym for Lethal Efficiency Experiment) is a Mechari agent built by Axis Pheydra herself. Unlike most of well known Mechari NPCs, he was built in the early years of Nexus's discovery.

First Mission Edit

According to A Test of Loyalty, he was personally built and trained by Axis Pheydra in arts of Espionage. After his training, Axis ordered Lex to assassinate Emperor Myrcalus as his first mission. He accepted the mission despite the Mechari's programming that prevented them from harming Luminais. He infiltrated the emperor's palace at night and utilized his infiltration training to avoid the Draken royal guards. In addition, he used gadgets and surveying skills to locate the emperor. As he progresses through the palace, he discovered the emperor sleeping in his bed. Just as Lex pull out his blade to eliminate emperor, he grabbed his arm and revealed that the target was actually Axis Pheydra in hologram disguise. As a reward, Lex was gained the hologram disguise and his status Agent of ICI.

Camp Firewalker Incident Edit

When the Camp Firewalker was attacked by unknown assailant, it was believed that an escaped Granok prisoner Arkos was behind the assassination of Councilor Vaelen. He was discovered hiding in an Aurin camp, which the members were eliminated to draw him out from his hiding. Arkos came out of hiding and confronted with the assailants. After his defeat from the confrontation, it is implied that Agent Lex murdered Councilor Vaelen due to his conspiracy of treason against the Dominion and framed Arkos to covered up his assassination. Finally, Lex executed Arkos as final part of his cover up.

Notes Edit

  • Due to Agent LEX's lack of hesitation on eliminating the Luminai emperor despite being part of his training, it is possible that his main purpose was to eliminate the traitors and usurpers among Luminai nobles, which the normal Mecharis' programmings prevented from harming them.
  • The above idea might be an lesson learned from the dark reign of Vorias the False, who brought the Dominion to its darkest times.

Trivia Edit

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