WS Ability Trainer

The Ability Trainer is a type of vendor NPC that players can use to purchase their skills. They can be found in several locations including the main faction cities, which actually has more than one.

Description Edit

You will encounter your first Ability Trainer about halfway through your first zone on the Planet Nexus after leaving your faction's Arkship. Please see the page for your current class for more information on abilities available for purchase.

Originally the Ability Trainer resembled more of a vending machine. It wasnt until later in the beta that Carbine changed the look, and added a voiceover. The trainer has now taken on the persona of a boxing trainer, including mild insults with the accent of a member of the Italian Mafia.

Locations Edit

Exile Edit

Dominion Edit

  • Illium coord: -3338,-973 / -3206, -763 / -3373, -679

Notes Edit

  • According to the UI 2.0 Patch Notes, players will no longer be required to visit the Ability Trainers to learn new skills or to reset their AMP points.

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