Abilities are the actions your character performs when attacking another player or enemy NPC's, it is part of the Limited Action Set (LAS) and is a class customization feature of WildStar. Ability points empowers your abilities and supply passive upgrades and "procs" , this allows players to customize their characters for areas such as Assault, Utility, or Support, and their combinations.

Description Edit

Players are able to change any abilities that they wish as long as they are out of combat. Each ability is able to go up to Tier 8, with Tier 4 and Tier 8 being major milestones which will add a passive proc or bonus. More points spent in an ability increases its power or effect.

To have a full Tier 8 ability it will cost 16 ability points.

  • Base Tier requires no ability points spent.
  • Tiers 1 to 3 and Tiers 5 to 7 only requires 1 ability point each.
  • Tier 4 and Tier 8 requires 5 ability points to unlock the milestone and bonus.

Limited Action Set Types Edit

The LAS (Limited Action Set) page is portrayed and divided into 3 different sections:

  • Assault, which aids in damage-dealing
  • Support,  which aids in healing or tanking, depending on class
  • Utility, which aids in movement and Crowd Control (CC)

Unlocking Abilities Edit

Most of the abilities requires unlocking, this can be done in the Limited Action Set (LAS) user interface, there is a cost of in-game currency to unlock it, however you only have to make the purchase once. The prices ranges from a small amount of silver to around approximately 9 gold.

Abilities from AMPs Edit

In addition to the abilities that you learn and purchase, AMPs can provide you with additional abilities that unlocks when you have selected the correct AMP. There three usable abilities for each class. There is one for assault, support and utility.

Source Edit

For the complete list of each class abilities, visit the below links:

Ability Points Edit

As your character progresses from Level 1 to Level 50, you will automatically gain 41 Ability points. It is possible to gain an extra 7 Ability points with Ability Point Unlocks. There are different methods of obtaining these:

The above points can only be used once, however there are 3 more options to gain more Ability Point Unlocks.

The Bind on Use Ability Point Unlocks can be sold to other players, or purchased from other players via the Communities Exchange.

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WildStar DevSpeak Customization-003:15

WildStar DevSpeak Customization-0

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