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Dear Transmat User,

Recently we've received several complaints about transmat system accidents. To combat the rampant misinformation and rumor that has resulted, we have compiled this useful guide to transmat safety for the layperson.

The first thing to make clear is that matter transmission is the safest form of transportation ever invented. The chance of a malfunction or critical failure is less than .00001%. However, that being said, accidents do happen.

INTERSPECIES BLENDS -It is possible, if members of two different species enter the transmat field at exactly the same moment, for the two subjects to exchange traits or characteristics at the molecular level. We recommend each afflicted party take an inventory of their new capabilities. Is being half-Granok half-buzzbing a blessing in disguise? WARNING: Under no circumstances should the user attempt to go back through the transmat system to correct this error, as this may result in catastrophic discombobulation.)

DUPIFICATION -In rare instances, a matter signal echoes or splits, causing a duplicate (or "dupe") of the traveler to be created. This is NOT the same as cloning. Due to the precision of the reconstruction process, the dupe is ABSOLUTELY IDENTICAL to the original in every way. It may even BE the original, who knows? We are not philosophers.

BIOPOSITION FAILURE - This malfunction, also known as "limb bingo," is completely avoidable with proper maintenance and synchronization of the transmat apparatus. However, the proliferation of transmat pads throughout Nexus, many in inaccessible, remote, or dangerous locations, means our maintenance schedule has become severely backlogged. Rest assured we will get to them all in the near-to-distant future. In the meantime, if you've had some appendages switched around due to a transmat trip, simply fill out a claim with any still-functional manipulating organs and we may refund the cost of the trip.

GENDER REVERSAL - Some travelers report arriving at their destination to find they are not the same sex as they were before they left. We've found that simply transmatting back to the point of origin resets the traveler back to their original gender in almost 72% of the cases. (Note: Chua appear completely immune to this effect.)

DEVOLUTION - The number of components that must fail to reverse the course of evolution is nigh unfathomable, and in all of recorded galactic history only three cases of this mishap have been documented. Unfortunately, the victims hopped, skittered or slithered away into the underbrush before anyone could run tests.


This Journal is located near the Sonic Plaza, The Defile at 3985,-5079

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