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Dearest Father,

I trust this letter finds its way to you in Illium with a minimum of trouble, and that you are well. I have sent along what pay I've gotten from the legion so far. With luck, it'll keep y'from falling destitute, so it will. I know it's been rough since we lost Mother and my sisters in the Hycrest plague but we Smythes have never given up before, and we aren't going to give up now, right? Just do me a favor and try not to spend it all on spirits. I worry about you, Dad.

No need for alarm, but I should tell you we've run into a spot o' bother out here a place called the Grimvault, but you shouldn't worry, no sir. You know Commander Antevian's the finest soldier in all the Dominion, so he is, and we'd all follow him to hell and back. It's inspiring to serve a man like the Radiant Star, and it gives one the feeling that anything is possible - even defeating this blasted and intractable foe, including this Strain business. It's a nasty and foul enemy, and it's everywhere. But we have the brightest minds in all the Collegium working on a solution, and until then we'll just keep fighting them as best we can.

There is not much more l am able to report. I wouldn't want to give away objectives or operational secrets. But father, you have to trust what I say. We ARE going to win this. We will take the Grimvault and the secrets of the Eldan we've all fought so hard for. And nothing - not the Exiles, not the Strain, not even these bizarre, thinking Strain beings called Skurge are going to stop us!

Your son,

Private Caelon Smythe


This journal is located in Cryomere, Northern Grimvault at 879,-3988

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