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Faces of the Fringe - Dominion Edition vol. 72 -Issue 02



Spotted with an unknown but terribly handsome man at Emperor's Ball on board the Arkship Destiny, that is! Who's the lucky fella, AZ?

She'll never tell.

That's why we bribed people to find out! Was it Corrigan Doon? Turn to Page 003 to find out!

MYRCALUS MYSTERY! Everyone's favorite emperor of the Dominion, Dominus Reborn himself, single-handedly restored the honor of the empire and is said to be en route to Nexus at this very moment! But does a mysterious ailment stalk the House Azrion family tree? It might be treasonous to suggest so let's be clear - we're not suggesting that! Turn to page 012 to read what we ARE suggesting!

KEZREK UNCHAINED! The Draken! They and we and everyone called the Warbringer just keeps bringing the war to the traitorous, despicable, vile, and treacherous Exiles. We here at Faces of the Fringe: Dominion Edition could NOT be happier to have survived an exclusive one-on-one interview with General Kezrek himself in this month's issue! Feel the full wrath of the emperor's chosen military leader, the man who will lead imperial forces to victory over the vile etc., etc. Exiles!


This journal is located in Galeras at Skywatch  5821,-2565

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