IconExiles  A Plagued Forest
Type Quest
Victor Lazarin
Victor Lazarin
Level 4
Location Everstar Grove
Experience 152xp
Rewards 1IconSilver 6IconCopper
Choose one
Vitalus-Stained Greaves
Mordesh Heavy Boots
Barkblight Pants
Alchemist's Apron
Previous Elderoot's Request
Next Queen of the Blight

Parasites are feasting on Elderoot's innards. Victor Lazarin wants to learn more about these parasites and how to stop them, so he's asked you to collect their guts for analysis. Kill barkblight creatures in the Blighted Glen and Blighted Tunnels and collect their Barkblight Glands to aid Victor in his research.

Collect Barkblight Glands from barkblight parasites in Blighted Glen and Blighted Tunnels

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