IconExiles  A New God
Type Daily
Maude Fairvale
Level 50
MinLevel 50
Location Coldburrow CavernNorthern Wastes
Rewards 1IconGold 90IconSilver 11IconCopper
Reputation +75 Northern Wastes

(Description) Maude Fairvale has asked you to investigate the Rime Hide Skeech that have taken over Coldburrow Cavern. They're acting strangely, even for Skeech, and she wants to know why.

Objectives Edit

Investigate Coldburrow Cavern Collect Rime Hide Staves from Rime Hide Shamans inside Coldburrow Cavern Ignite the Rime Hide Fire Pit to attract the Skeech God in Coldburrow Cavern

Progress Edit

Completion Edit

Rewards Edit

Currency: 1IconGold 90IconSilver 11IconCopper

Reputation: OPERATION:Northern Wastes: +75


Satchel of Scavenged Supplies (choice)

Case of Coordinated Colors (choice)

Index of Interesting Items (choice)

Chest of Crafting Components (choice)

Feretory of Fascinating Furnishings (choice)

Notes Edit

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