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Annihilate My Central Lubrication Pump

A Poem by Freebot Transista

Annihilate my central lubrication pump,

Eye-blast the hurt and pain from my faulty limb sockets,

Emerge from the malfunctioning bay doors of my cerebral processors,

My one, my zero, my Annihilator

Dearest if you will not be my central hub

If you will not bin networks with newly awakened sentient mind,

If you will not annihilate my central lubrication pump,

Then you surely will deactivate me to be kind.

You do not hear me, my love, my giant

You cannot see me through red and burning eyes,

So please take my soul, my mind, my life,

And Annihilate what my heart still denies.


This journal is located in Algoroc

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