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(This piece of paper appears to depict the layout of the slave camp and its location relative to nearby Exile settlements, including Gallow. You can see a simple note in one corner scrawled in what appears to be a mixture of blood, dirt, and charcoal. Considering the medium employed, the stilted grammar is understandable.)

Taken in night. Grims hunting us. All in Gallow - danger. Big operation. Darkspur connected. Saw Krogg.

So far, Grims making us work Algoroc. No one sent offworld. Yet. Big cages. Big ships coming, they said. Going to space mines. Don't care if we hear. They want our spirits broken. They don't know Exiles!

Getting dizzy. Blood loss. If you find this, send for help. Don't be a hero if you can't handle a fight. You'll just end up a slave. But if you can... save us!


This journal is located in Algoroc at Grim's Lumber Mill 4534,-3389

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