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Closed Beta Patch 3 - Phase II

Originally posted on the WildStar forums by CRB_Sunshine on Sept 3rd, 2015

Account items from standard and deluxe edition rewards cannot be claimed multiple times if the player already has the item in an inventory or bank. This prevents additional copies of the items from being mailed to the player.
Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause players to get immediately disconnected upon entering the world from character select.
Weekly Elder Gem cap has been increased to 250.
Hoverboards will now properly play trail vFX.
Flying pets will follow the player more smoothly.
Fixed an issue that caused players to interact with the wrong unit.

All cooldowns on NPC's should now be properly being cleared on evasion.
Updated a number of spells that were still referring to now-defunct stats.
Death visuals once again properly apply when players die in an interior.
Multi-hit will now properly proc deflect and crit events.
DoT effects (such as Esper's Telekinetic Storm) should all now have a chance to crit equal to the player's crit chance (instead of being incorrectly and drastically reduced).

Pyrokinetic Flame
Tier 4 bonus now only affects party members.
Psychic Frenzy
Base damage reduced to 14.65% AP and 7.82 per level, from 17.51% and 9.35.
Tier upgrade damage reduced to 2.53%, from 2.94%.​
Blade Dance
Increased damage per tier.
Illusionary Blades
Revised tooltip.
Reduced overall damage.
AMP - Critical Priority
Fixed a bug where Critical Priority was affecting non-party members.
Should no longer have 2 separate rolls against the target's deflect chance.
Should now generate the proper amount of power charges.
Summoning an engineer bot should once again not stop Hold to Continue Casting.
AMP - Razor's Edge
Removed the word 'rating' from the tooltip.
Updated the tooltip to be less confusing.
AMP - Repeat Business
Updated to: Landing a direct Multi-Hit grants 5% Glance Mitigation for 5s. Can only occur once every 1s.
Diminisher Bot
Fixed an issue where T7 Diminisherbot was doing less damage than intended.
Code Red
Fixed an incorrect buff tooltip for T7.
Overwhelming Presence
Fixed an issue where Overwhelming Presence could persist after switching action sets.
Flash Bang
Now displays the correct amount of damage increase per tier.
AMP - Vengeance
Redesigned as Multi-Burst: Flame Burst is now usable after landing a direct Multi-Hit. When Flame Burst Multi-Hits, your Multi-Hit Severity is increased by 8% for 8s.
AMP - Focus Stone
Fixed a bug where Focus Stone could be used without Gather Focus.
Runic Healing
Surged Runic Healing now always drains Spell Power​
Wild Barrage
Cooldown is now triggered at end of channel. Cooldown reduced to 12s, from 14s.


Corrected some items that were incorrectly given both Assault and Support rating.
Created new tutorial panels for runes and runecrafting to explain the changes to those systems.
Shield stat variance has been greatly reduced. Previously, the range was from 0.25 to 2--it has been tightened to 0.75 to 1.25.
Veteran Shiphand's Accelerator no longer has a required level of 550. Got a bit ahead of ourselves there...
Razortail Impaler now has an icon.
A number of removed items have had their replacements adjusted. You can expect further adjustments in future build updates.
All items acquired prior to this update (Drop 6) have had their displays reverted back to their original appearances. This should help address a number of the issues this caused with costume appearances.
​All Raid loot has been redistributed to better match the progression of those instances.​
Updated drop percentages across all World Loot tables.
Runecrafting fragments can now be obtained from salvaging.
Fixed an issue in which the level 15 Protostar's Revolutionary Rucksack bag gave an incorrect amount of service tokens.
Endgame BoE crafted gear has been updated to no longer sometimes be best in slot. The items are still BoE, but now require players to complete imbuements in order to fully upgrade the items. Here is a short summary of the changes:
They all require a material that must be purchased for crafting vouchers (in addition to other costs).
Crafting Matrixes have been removed from vendors and now drop in the relevant gameplay spaces.
Veteran Dungeon Recipes (tier 5 mats, voucher mat, Dungeon Matrix)
Crafted at item level 70
Imbuement - Kill any Veteran Dungeon Boss - Raises item level to 80
Imbuement - Kill any World Boss - Raises item level to 90
Genetic Archives Recipes (tier 5 mats, voucher mat, Genetic Archive Matrix)
Crafted at item level 74
Imbuement - Zone in to Genetic Archives - Raises item level to 86
Imbuement - Kill any Genetic Archives Boss - Raises item level to 98
Datascape Recipes (tier 5 mats, voucher mat, Datascape matrix)
Crafted at item level 78
Imbuement - Zone in to Datascape - Raises item level to 98
Imbuement - Kill any Datascape Boss - raises item level to 118


Item rewards have been updated in the Challenge tracks.
Many of the decor items previously available from Challenges have been temporarily moved to reputation vendors for their respective zones.
Pets that were previously available from Challenges have been temporarily moved to the pet vendor in your capital city.


Artifact Weapons - Redesigned specials as Holo-Smash (DPS), Data Restore (Healer), System Slap (Tank).
Eldan Gauntlets - Rebalanced damage and heal values. Tank special redesigned to be an absorb.
Protogames Mantle - Replaced Money gain with Movement Speed. Tank special now grants Armor in addition to Support Power.


The Novice Harvesting tools are now White quality items.
Fixed the required levels on a number of crafted items so that they now have access to appropriate power cores.
The introductory work order quests now grant a Basic Power Core for a reward instead of a Quartz Power Core.
Added introductory crafting quests to Thayd and Illium in the event that these quests were missed in the starting zones.
The Increased Capacitance talent should now work correctly.
The Malgrave Artisan's Training Chargers work order now advances when the item is crafted.
Crafted item budgets are now evenly distributed.
Weaponsmith, Armorer, Outfitter, and Tailor can once again apply Maker's Mark to their crafted items (via a talent).
Players should now be granted some number of the new Tradeskill talents based upon their progress in the old trees.


A pass was done on all gadgets in the game. End-game gadgets in particular have seen a number of changes, and a number of new specials were created and distributed throughout the game.
Spells associated with gadgets should now scale properly along with the item level of the gadget.

Runes and Rune Sets

Movespeed buffs greater than 20% were reduced to at least 20%.
Procs that apply CC's such as stun should have all been changed.
Flagged a number of procs and specials to not break Stealth.
A number of class sets with elaborately long names have had said names shortened to be more reasonable.
Rune Set specials will now properly obey map constraints.
(4) Is now a self buff instead of a debuff on the target.
(8) Is now:  At 3 or more stacks, deal additional damage with Psychic Frenzy and Telekinetic Strike.
(4) ​Updated to be more accurate:  While casting, reduce damage taken by 15%.
(4) Tooltip now indicates that it does not affect Soothe.
(8) Updated so that it can affect the target in addition to the caster.
Hypercharged Devastator
Renamed to Hypercharge
(4) Removed the CC after 10 stacks. Changed to:  Landing a hit with Bolt Caster or Electrocute grants you an Empower (Increases damage dealt by 2%) for 3s. Can only occur once every 1s. Stacks 4 times.
(8) CC immunity replaced with 2 interrupt armor. Reduced the movespeed buff to 20%
Burning Rage
(4) Changed to:  Whenever you lose Kinetic Energy, deal physical damage to up to 5 enemies within 6m. Can only occur every 1s.
(8) Reduced the damage of the proc
Master Technician
Bot cooldowns are now lowered to 10s (instead of 5s).
Mecha Shield
(4) Buff from the proc no longer stacks.
Superb Brawler
(4) DoT now stacks 3 times.
(8) Removed the escape. Changed to:  Leap and Bum Rush now reduce CC durations by 40% for 4s.
Clean Coat
(4) No longer dispels on a ticking duration. Instead, now dispels 1 debuff upon absorb application.
(4) Updated to: Tremor and Savage Strike now deal additional physical damage.
(8) Updated to: Tremor, Savage Strike, and Smackdown now reduce the cooldown of Stance: Onslaught by 1s.
(4) Updated to: Shred and Cripple reduce assault cooldown by 1s. Does not affect Concussive Kicks.
(8) Updated to: Every third Assault finisher generates 5 suit power every 1s for 3s.
(4) Increased damage of the proc
(8) Now affects Agile Stance as well
(8) Updated to:  Activating Eradication ExoSuit increases damage dealt by 12% for 10s.
(8) Updated to: While affected by Overcharge, dealing damage increases tech damage dealt by 2% for 2s. Stacks 5 times.
Well of Power
(8) Updated to: Whenever an ability consumes Spell Power, reduce the active cooldowns of your Assault abilities by 1s.
Now has a 5s ICD.
Now has a 1s ICD and deals more damage.
Now deals more damage but has a 2.5s ICD.
Healing amount reduced and 2.5s ICD added.
Rejuvenating Bonds
Increased amount healed.
Healing amount reduced and ICD added.
Reduced shield restore amount and added a 2s ICD.
Focus regen should now appear in the combat log.
Now has a 30% chance to restore Focus upon Crit and Multi-Hit (no longer uses stacks).
Now has a 5s ICD.
Duration reduced to 5s from 7.
Now grants 3s of immunity to daze after players dash.
Heavy Hitter
No longer stuns. Now reduces target's CC Resilience by 10% for 5s. Added a 10s ICD per target. Disabled in PvE instances.
Crippling Blows
Updated to:  Reduces cooldown of class CC abilities by 8%.
Life Force
Fixed an issue that was causing the buffs to constantly refresh, rather than only after passing the 30% Focus threshold.
Soothing Light
Increased proc window length and healing amount.
A large number of runes were requiring the incorrect materials before players could craft them. We have adjusted these to require the correct mats:
Alleviation - Level 50, 80, 100, and 120
Concentration - Level 50, 80, 100, and 120
Cynosure - Level 80, 100, and 120
Defiance - Level 30, 40, 50, 80, 100, and 120
Devastation - Level 80, 100, and 120
Elusion - Level 40, 50, 80, 100, and 120
Havoc - Level 40, 50, 80, 100, and 120
Onslaught - Level 50, 80, 100, and 120
Provoker - Level 80, 100, and 120
Pulse - Level 30, 40, 50, 80, 100, and 120
Resurgence - Level 40, 50, 80, 100, and 120
Striker - Level 30, 40, 50, 80, 100, and 120
Level 100 and 120 Basic Runes of all six elements


Alpha Sanctum journals added to both faction capitals.
TFBTFs in Levian Bay, Crimson Isle, Northern Wilds, and Everstar Grove will now appear under the correct zone in the Lore UI.
Opening Doors
Players can now use the teleporter to leave Exo-Lab Prime without needing to speak with Drusera first.
You can now ask a guard where to find the Master Craftsman in Thayd or Illium.

Cryo Awakening Protocol
Added a message about deleting weapons being bad.
Exile Arkship
Made a number of lighting improvements throughout the ship.
Updated departure terminal text for 'Nexus, Ho!'
Dominion Arkship
Made a number of lighting improvements throughout the ship.
Everstar Grove
The lighting throughout the zone has been improved.
Challenge - Explosive Beginnings will now properly increment past 2 when destroying eggs.
The radiation in Grimhold will now show players the appropriate thresholds based on the amount of radiation taken.
The Supply Run challenge is now available both before and after the quest Taken Away in the XAS Forward Camp.
X426 Augmentor Apex will now receive help from his support probes when they are summoned.
Where Have the Groomsmen Gone? should no longer sometimes fail to progress when speaking to the Groomsmen.
Fixed an issue that was preventing Old Scrappy from respawning after the first time he was killed.
Old Scrappy should now have a more appropriate amount of health.
Adjusted the number of discoveries in Wilderrun and Blighthaven.
Adjusted the Discovery spawn rates of many zones.

Outpost M-13
Removed a duplicate ship that was appearing during the M-13 arrival cinematic.
Deep Space Disappearance
Corrected a number of portal-ing issues within the instance.
The Gauntlet
Pilot Taboro will no longer be tongue-tied when first speaking to him about his quests.


Bay of Betrayal
Battery Packs will now be completely drained on a charge up.


Ruins of Kel Voreth
Forgemaster Trogun
Fixed timing of Trogun's volcano attack telegraph and damage to match the projectiles impacts.
Quartermaster Gruh should no longer be dropping level 50 items when defeated in Normal Skullcano.
Bosun Octog
Squirglings during his ink phase will no longer all target the same player.
Protogames Academy
The exit portal should no longer appear when a group wipes to Wrathbone.
​(Veteran) Added an appropriate tooltip for Impenetrable Shield.


World Bosses
Metal Maw
Now stays invulnerable for the full duration of being in the air.
King Plush
Now spawns at the center of his arena.
Is no longer a scaling creature and now has more health and higher stats.
No longer resumes Contaminated Containment after MoO.
Fixed an issue that was preventing the Permanent Delete raid wipe mechanic from always firing when it should.


All PvP rewards have had their item levels adjusted to coincide with the new system going forward.
PvP contract rewards have been adjusted to coincide with the item level changes associated with Season 2.
Updated the amount of Rating and contribution on PvP gear to support changes to PvP gear item levels.
Leaving a battleground will no longer automatically trigger the PvP cooldown timer upon returning to the player's previous location.
A new PvP specific runecrafting bag is now available on the PvP consumables vendor.


Descriptions and tooltips for Factory plugs now match their functionality.
Fixed a bug that prevented players from being able to place Deployables during a Warplot match.
Fixed a lua error when entering a match as a Mercenary.


Ground, sky, music, and placed decor will no longer temporarily disappear when placing a new House.
Pumera Matriarch Den
Fixed issue where player could feed the pumera matriarch multiple times without advancing the pumera's level.
Fixed a bug that prevented the Housing List panel from being reopened after selecting Send All to Crate.
The Desert Flowers and Bones item has been renamed to Crimson Bonebloom.
Fixed the Undo Rotation button in the Housing Advanced Controls panel.


All Soldier Weapon Lockbox items have been tweaked, the text has been updated, and the visuals improved.
The telegraph for Cave Thumper in the Caving In mission should now display properly display.
The Grimvault mission SPECIMEN SURVEY: Creatures of the Strain has had its text updated to be more specific.
Updated tutorial text to remove references to old systems.


Chua Warblimp sFX should no longer sometimes be excessively loud.
Dregg mount now has appropriate sFX.


Item tooltips no longer appear while a confirmation window is displayed.
Updated the icons and tooltips in the Account Inventory to clarify the difference between single and multi-claim items.
Updated the tutorials to work with the Housing bar no matter where it is docked.
Completing a challenge will now display the amount of points gained for that challenge's reward track in the “Loot” channel.
Chop Shop
Fixed an issue where the selection highlight would disappear when the “Hide Helm” button is checked.
Disabled the ability to zoom in on pets.
Removed the "ShowCommDisplay" generic event and event handler. This will resolve an issue some players experienced where a Communicator message would appear with "Text" as the header and body instead of a relevant message.
Float Text
Attempting to use skills when dead will now correctly give a "you are dead" error message, instead of a "your target is dead" message.
The Guild Roster now displays the correct text length restriction when adding a new Rank.
Guild Bank
Players cannot view the Log tab if they do not have the correct permissions.
Fixed an issue where the pose list for mannequins would be destroyed if the window was open when the player purchased a costume slot from the store.
The buttons for changing an item's visibility in the Holo-Wardrobe are now disabled for the “No Costume” option.
Fixed an issue that prevented players from unlocking their final costume item.
Remodel options that can be purchased via the in-game store can now be previewed in the Housing Remodel panel.
Landscape remodel options that can be purchased via the in-game store can now be previewed in the Housing Landscape Panel.
Interface Menu List
The alert indicator for the Character panel no longer counts bags as broken items.
The Interface Menu will now inform players of any live events that are currently active in the world.
Level Up Unlocks
Clicking on a Level Up Unlock entry for a Dungeon, Adventure, Expedition, or Battleground will now open the Content Finder directly to the corresponding entry.
Madame Fay’s Fortunes
Exiting Madame Fay's Fortunes by clicking “Look At Rewards”   no longer closes the player’s inventory.
Mini Map
Quest markers on the Mini Map update correctly when changing zones.
City Direction NPCs are no longer tracked on the Mini Map by default.
Objective Tracker
Nav Points should now correctly display the zone name when players are in a different zone.
Removed the empty “Keybindings” section from the Controls options.
Added Farside sub-zones and controls to control zooming.
Banner Links to an item or category now highlight the section of the store the player was taken to.
Parent navigation category sections now show items from sub categories when selected.
Added a bundle list display on purchase confirmed view.
The ability to use Omnibits to purchase an item is now disabled if the item cannot be claimed or gifted.
The player’s purchase history will refresh without reopening the store.
The Loyalty rewards page has received a major facelift.
The 'Preview on Myself' option now defaults to “On”.
Zone Map
Zone Map Point of Interest labels are correctly aligned with their sprites again.
Circuitboard Crafting
Fixed an issue where the Circuitboard Crafting UI would allow you to try and craft an item when no power core was inserted.
Apollo API
SetCostume(targetUnit, bSheathed) - Added optional bSheathed argument.
New event 'ModelLoaded' gets fired when the requested model is done loading.
​New event 'ModelLoaded' gets fired when the requested model, overlay texture, and mask texture are done loading.
​New function GetGuildInfluenceLimit() - Returns the maximum amount of Influence a Guild can earn.
GetAllRewards() now returns two additional values in the table of rewards. "bIsValid" will be false if the reward is unknown at that index. "bIsStatic" will be false if the reward track is active for the player. Along with this change, addon authors may now call RewardTrack:GetAllRewards() on inactive reward tracks to see the static (deterministic) rewards.
New Function: RewardTrack:GetButtonImageAssetPath() - Returns the asset path for this reward track's button image, or the empty string if no asset path is provided.
​New Function: SetFallbackCamera(wndModelWindow, strCameraName) - Set a fallback camera to be used if the camera used in SetCamera() is missing.
Removed the "ShowCommDisplay" generic event fired from Datachron:ProcessSpamQueue.
Removed event handler for "ShowCommDisplay" event. This will resolve an issue some players experienced where a Communicator message would appear with "Text" as the header and body instead of a relevant message.
​Fixed an issue where the pose list for mannequins would be destroyed if the window was open when the player purchased a costume slot from the store.
The buttons for changing an item's visibility in the Holo-Wardrobe are now disabled for the No Costume option.
Added Farside sub-zones and controls to control zooming.
Re-positioned drop down menus.
Adding, Removing, and Rerolling slots will now utilize the new service token confirmation addon.
Now utilizes the service token confirmation addon.
Added controls to spend service tokens.
Players will now receive a confirmation popup when spending service tokens on costume changes.
GetCostOfChanges will now return an account currency object when useToken flag is true.
GetSpellServiceTokenCost will now return a money object instead of a number.
When a confirmation window is open, the tooltips of items in the background should no longer display.
Hooked up Automatic Mouselook Mode interrupt ability.
Created tutorial anchor points for the three positions of the floating spell bar (docked, horizonal, vertical).
Temporarily disabled zooming on pet preview.
Banner Links to an item or category should now highlight the section of the store the player was taken to.
Parent navigation category sections now show items from sub categories when selected.
Added bundle list display on purchase confirmed view.
Using Omnibits to purchase an item is now disabled if the item cannot be claimed or gifted.
Purchase history now can refresh without reopening the store.
New Method: ChallengesLib.GetRewardTrackInfo() - returns a table containing the final total points per challenge tier, the base points per challenge tier, and the bonuses for signature and loyalty the character currently has.
New Method: GameLib.GetUnknownDyes() - returns the set of purchasable dyes not known by the character.
​The Free column of benefits in the Signature tab uses a new string--Storefront_Free--so it can be distinguished from the generic string--CRB_Free--for localization purposes.
Converted purchase NCoin button tooltip to use a localized string.
New Method: item:IsDeprecated() - returns true if the referenced item has been deprecated.
Fixed model rotate dragging the window.
​Fixed an issue where the Circuitboard Crafting UI would allow you to try and craft an item when no power core was inserted.
Converted visibility toggle option tooltip to use a localized string.
Converted assign loot button tooltip to use a localized string.
Converted options button tooltip to use a localized string.
Converted remaining survivor count tooltip to use a localized string.
Converted filter distance tooltip to use a localized string.
Removed erroneous unlocalized tooltip from the entitlement icon.
0 0

Closed Beta Patch 1

Originally posted by CRB_Sunshine on the WildStar forums on August 25th, 2015

Update Notes - Closed Beta Patch 1

Fixed a journal inaccuracy and made it clear Nexus orbits a trinary star system.
The challenge tutorial has been updated to reflect the new reward track system.
World Bosses
Most of the large scale 20-man bosses on Nexus now have a system in place that allows players to force spawn them.
Lethargic debuff now functions properly.
King Honeygrave
Will no longer leave his encounter space.
Improved server stability in response to network timeouts.
Rapid Transport can now properly be used while mounted.
Will now handle unsupported texture formats without crashing.
Account items from standard and deluxe edition rewards cannot be claimed multiple times if the player already has the item in an inventory or bank. This prevents additional copies of the items being mailed to the player.
Stationary enemies will no longer continue to keep turning to face the player if they happen to be killed while trying to stay facing the player.
Quest rewards have been adjusted so that their item levels more closely represent the challenge level of their associated quests.
The effective item level of a player will now properly update when the player enters rallied PvP matches, rallied PvE groups, or mentors.
Stats on items will now properly display the stats they are currently providing while the player is rallied.
The spell effect tooltips for spells provided by items will now properly reflect the effective item level of the item which cast it. The effective item level is different than the item level when the character is rallied or mentoring.
Fixed a bug where the movies at the beginning of the game could crash if the app was moved between monitors simultaneously.
Players will now be prevented from claiming an account item from their pending inventory if it is multi-redeem and already in their account inventory.
Adjusted timing on Mechari to properly appear on the platform during the Dominion Waking from Cryo cinematic.
Quest-givers will no longer say their goodbyes twice when the player ends a conversation.
To help clarify what a "Lair" creature is, we have come up with a solution for them. Our solo elite rares will now be Elite Champions and our group rares will be Legendary Champions. You'll be able to see this on their affiliation tag and their tooltip when mousing over them. We also updated their nameplates to represent them being rare/elite creatures.
Fixed a bug where the Granok female neck was disappearing on certain helms.
Blocky artifacts seen in some textures such as Cassian Female faces have been fixed.
The Snarfelynx Mount, Data Drifter Mount, and Glitterkitty Cruiser Hoverboard now indicate that they travel faster than normal and ignore riding skill in their tooltips.
Several mounts have been renamed for consistency.
Holo Wardrobe
Adjusted the costume system to allow unlocked but deprecated items to still be used in costumes.
Fixed an issue that prevented players from purchasing changes if they have exactly enough money.
Fixed messaging for a case when saving a costume fails but no result is given to the player.
Costume items can now be unlocked regardless of a character's ability to use the item.
The Holo-Wardrobe will now properly update when the player receives currency.
Item Specials
Barrage will no longer cause multi-hit to deflect 100% of the time.
Fixed bounds of Snarfelynx mount.
Support stances have moved to level 6.
Focus Recovery AMPs (Desperation, Attrition, Focus Mastery) have updated recovery values.
Spells that Multi-Hit can no longer be reflected.
Default Telegraph opacity settings have changed to help make telegraphs more easily visible. These settings can be changed in the Combat tab of the options menu: Enemy NPC Harmful – Outline Opacity: changed from 85 to 100 Enemy Player Harmful – Outline Opacity: changed from 85 to 100 Self – Outline Opacity: changed from 85 to 100 Self – Inside Fill Opacity: changed from 85 to 25.
Dying in an instance while party members are still in combat will now properly show available resurrection options.
Group members will no longer be able to see multihit or transference damage/heal floaters.
Damage reflected is now capped to the current health of the unit reflecting.
Fixed an issue where Engineer bots were granting experience.
Eradication Exosuit and Provocation Exosuit now allow Engineer AMPs and Abilities to ignore Volatility threshold requirements while active.
Bio Shell
Now shows splash range in the tooltip and displays a telegraph on impact.
Bruiser Bot
Blitz: interrupt is now instant and removes 1 IA. Taunt no longer affects 5-man enemies or higher.
Diminsher Bot
Strobe ability now uses the same targeting mechanism as Barrage (Artillery Bot).
Energy Auger
Removed cast time.
Reduced GCD to 0.5s, down from 1.25s. May now be cast off GCD.
Increased cooldown to 25s, up from 6s.
Reduced damage to 7.08/lvl + 22.33% AP + 4.77% AP/tier, down from 13.69/lvl + 43.25% AP + 6.18% AP/tier.
Reduced field damage to 1.33/lvl + 4.2% AP + 0.9% AP/tier, down from 2.37/lvl + 7.47% AP + 1% AP/tier.
Field now increases ally’s movement speed by 100% while they are inside.
Mortar Strike
Now shows splash range in the tooltip and displays a telegraph on impact.
T4: Energy Auger no longer grants Overcharge.
Target Acquisition
T4: Multi-Hits deal 6.03% AP technology damage to the target every 1s for 3s. Stacks 4 times.
T8: Deal an additional 10.1% AP technology damage to the primary target. Increase splash radius to 8m and secondary target count to 9.
Has been reworked! Base: 2 second channel: every 0.5s, deal 8.26*lvl + 26.09% AP + 2.53% AP*tier to the target and 4 enemies within 6m. Cooldown: 7s. GCD: 1.25s. Range: 25m.
Mending Banner
Fixed a bug where Mending Banner T8 would heal an additional target.
T8 additional target distance increased to 8m, from 5m.
Follow Through
Empower reduced to 8% from 10.5%.
Crisis Wave
Tier 4: Landing a Multi-Hit restores 1 Actuator.
Empower reduced to 14%, from 17%.
Quantum Cascade
Tooltip now indicates that other abilities can be cast while channeling.
Empower reduced to 12%, from 15%.
Tooltip now indicates that the ability builds 1 Actuator.
Armor Coating
Defense now reduces damage taken, changed from increased Armor.
Chemical Burn
Damage now procs off Multi-Hit against any foe, and no longer pierces shields.
Danger Zone
Empower reduced to 10%, from 17%.
When an ally with 15m takes damage that puts them below 30% health, restore health to that ally.
Emergency Extraction
Enables Extricate to break allies free of all CC effects.
In Flux
Empower reduced to 6.5%, from 12%.
Protective Surge
Landing a direct heal on yourself or an ally under the effects of your Mending Probes or Protection Probes also restore shield.
Running On Empty
Redesigned: While at 0 Actuators, your Shield Surge, Crisis Wave, and Rejuvenator have no Actuator cost. Shield Surge and Crisis Wave have a 15s cooldown instead.
Scalpel! Forceps!
Empower reduced to 7%, from 8%.
Stay With Me
Empower reduced to 10%, from 17%.
Fixed a bug where the health sacrifice was being affected by damage buffs and debuffs.
Void Pact
Empower reduced to 12%, from 15%.
Power Surge
Empower reduced to 8%, from 8.6%.
Spell Armor
CC Break component has been removed. Now, while the absorb is active, Damage Taken is reduced by 50%.
Fixed an issue where T2 Clone lasted longer than intended.
Nano Skin
Buff now grants an additional Critical Hit opportunity, rather than adding to Critical Hit Chance.
T4: Cost increase is now reset by Punish instead of Stealth.
T8: now regenerates 1 charge every 10s, changed from 2 charges every 20s.
The tier 8 tooltip will now properly display the recharge time.
Empower and Defense buffs are now granted at the end of the channel. Now grants additional Critical Hit and Deflect opportunities with a 15% chance each, rather than increasing Critical Hit Chance or Deflect Chance. No longer stacks. Duration is now 4s + 0.5s*tier.
T4: The Shield Overload can no longer be independently deflected.
Now grants an additional Deflect opportunity, rather than adding to Deflect Chance.
Augmented Blade
Reduced melee damage to 4%, down from 8%.
Kinetic Drain is now Kinetic Rage: drains 5 Kinetic Energy per stack every 0.25s, increases Melee Damage by 0.5% per stack, and reduces Lifesteal by 1.5% per stack. While Augmented Blade is off, removes a stack every 0.33s.
T4: Increased Critical Hit bonus to 4%, up from 3.5%.
Bolstering Strike
Now generates 150% threat.
T8: May be cast 3 times in a row with no cooldown. Afterwards, the next cast reduces the cooldown by 1s.
Power Link
Reduced Kinetic Drain to 56 - 2*tier, down from 65 - 2.5*tier.
Power Link now only affects players in the caster's party, and no longer displays persistent visual effects on secondary targets.
Now only shows the border of the telegraph while active.
Savage Strikes
Fixed an issue that caused Savage Strikes to generate Kinetic Energy during Overdrive.
Empower reduced to 7%, from 7.5%. Stack count reduced to 3, from 5.
Officially Licensed Ultimate Protogames Mantle will now advance for any optional objective achievements players have earned. Three of the optional objectives did not have associated achievements, so these are now added into the game.
The location link for Battleblood Trench now correct points to this area for the quest "Exanite Examination."
Fixed some location links for the quests Into the Warhound's Maw, Fall of the Bladevault Keeper, and Bladebane.
Updated combat and sounds for the quest 'The Ground Beneath Your Feet'.
The jetpack suit worn during the daily quest "Anti-Primal Antics" no longer requires a periodical recharge, and provides players with an optional teleport back to Nursery Trading Post upon quest reward.
The Final Attack Phase has been removed from the "Guardians of the Grove" public event. The event is now won only by succeeding in the Final Defend Phase.
The challenge "Horn of Heralding" now has a flavor comm call on start to provide story context.
Crimson Isle
Players who Achieve or Complete Mind the Mines, Scrap the Scrab without turning in Welcome To Crimson Isle will be correctly pointed at Mondo Zax's new location to turn in Welcome To Crimson Isle.
The tooltip for the spell "Agility of the Gnarlfoot" now properly displays the Dash Regeneration percentage.
Location links for the quest De-Probing Time should now work.
Exile Arkship
Adjusted the teleport location for the Greenhouse to avoid players getting stuck in props.
Changed the VO for the cinematic that goes to Northern Wilds to no longer mention Thayd.
Magthar the Meteroborn will no longer cast Splitting Image in combat. He will now use the Staunch Defense combat package.
The quest summary for "Defeating the Ravager" has been rewritten for consistency and to include more information about the quest.
Location link for "Stormwing Fortress" during the quest "Storm the Gates" now points to the correct area of the map.
Journals, Tales From Beyond The Fringe's, and Datacubes are now collectible at all times as intended.
Merchant Jarala has resumed standing in her appointed place, rather than hiding away in a wall.
Levian Bay
Players will now receive a comm call for the quest "Lighting the Way" if they run off without getting the quest. Players will no longer get a comm call for the quest "Mind the Mines, Scrab the Scrab" in Crimson Isle by simply traveling to Levian Bay.
Fixed the location link for the step to "Speak with Deputy G0M3R" for the quest Checking on the Marshal.
The long objective text for the quest Darkspur Karaoke now shows up correctly in the quest log.
Added location links to long objective text on the quest Rescuing the Chief Mineralogist.
Northern Wilds
Rhoda Wellspring's VO is no longer cut off by the cinematic that plays at the end of the quest Empowered Tower.
Southern Grimvault
The Boiling Depot taxi destinations have been adjusted to properly reflect where the player is being dropped off (Fort Gritty for Exile, Blazen Bulwark for Dominion).
The Defile
The taxi from Hope's Dare to Inspiration point in the Defile no longer flies through giant lasers activated by scientists in the Sonic Plaza.
The quest "Mutually Assured Destruction" has been fully updated with location links.
The quest "Krazog's Gutpunch Brew" now has an objective link to help players find Ringtail razortails.
Location links for quests in Wigwalli Village should now correctly point you back to Wigwalli Village.
Location links have been updated for the quest Toxic Test Bed.
The quest "Bot's Eye View" now has location links for all objectives.
Added a location link for the Maiden Pool into the completed objective text for the quest "Torine Lifewater" in Wilderrun.
Getting interrupted while using the Communication Relay for the quest Breaking Ground will no longer display in the combat log.
Fixed some of the text for the Imbuement Quest "Tall Drink of Water".
Protogames Academy
Veteran Wrathbone no longer targets 2 players with Rock Throw. During his 33% midphase transition, he now casts Rock Throw less frequently.
Veteran Wrathbone's auto-attack damage has increased significantly.
Reduced her Auto Attack damage.
Iruki Boldbeard
Now does a pull at the beginning of Annihilate.
Changed the color for the initial safety bubble.
Changed the visual for the collision bubble.
Static Pulse renamed to Static Emission.
Static Emission now has a cast time.
Static Emission is now an Aura.
Veteran Gromka
Reduced her Armor Pen from Condensed Heat to 5% (from 10%).
Will now jump to the middle of the combat space before engaging with players after each phase transition.
Mordechai Redmoon
Fixed an issue with some of his spell cooldowns.
Stormtalon's Lair
Stormtalon's damage bonus from Static Charge has been reduced to 5% per stack (down from 10%).
Skyborn Tempest
Tornado Alley's damage has been reduced.
Tornado Alley's damage now ignores 75% armor.
Tornado Alley can no longer crit.
Ultimate Protogames
Bev-O-Rage will now properly reset and begin combat in his Vend-bot position.
Initialization Core Y-83
Added the Smooth Operator and Evolutionary Revolutions guild achievements.
Drop weights have been re-adjusted to account for the larger number of assault roles present.
Elemental Pairs
Snake no longer focuses on Mnemesis if the current Snake Snack target dies.
Genetic Archives
The teleporter that takes players to the second floor of the Genetic Archives after they have defeated the Fetid Miscreation is now working as intended once again.
Dreadphage Ohmna
Fixed a tooltip error with Might of the Dreadphage.
Protogames Allstars
Removed achievements.
Updated the Arena type name in the Group Finder UI.
Walatiki Temple
Spatial shift will no longer cause the target to drop the mask.
VO declaring the winning team now plays correctly.
Imbuement Items
Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. All You Can Carry down to 3.
Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. Smart Bomber down to 10.
Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. And I Helped down to 5.
Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. It Belongs in a Museum! down to 5.
Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. No Respect for Tradition down to 2.
Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. The Blood of My Enemies down to 30.
Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. The Warrior down to 30.
Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. A Bit of a Torrent down to 8.
Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. It's the Bomb down to 3.
Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. Dropping a Bombshell down to 6.
Reduced the count required for PvP Imbuement objectives. Hall Monitor down to 5.
Warparty rank permissions no longer errantly display settings for 'Editing Guild Holomark', 'Vote', or 'Bank Tab Log'.
Removed the instance discovery requirements for all adventures. Players can now queue for all adventure instances through the group finder as long as they meet the minimum level requirements.
Bay of Betrayal
The tooltip for 'Amplification Spike' now accurately reflects the spell.
Each Expedition's quest has been placed within the instance itself. Separate quests that lead players to each Expedition's entrance have been created for their respective zones.
Deep Space Exploration
The Cryo-Tranquilizer can now be used without having to wait as long for it to recharge.
"Brick" Braggor has stopped unnecessarily repeating himself.
They Came From Fragment Zero!
Fix for speed increasing buffs breaking the flow, rendering it impossible to complete.
The "scan" key will now scan the current mouseover unit if it can when the camera is in automatic mouselook mode.
The telegraph for "Cave Thumper" in the "Caving In" Path Mission will now properly display to the caster.
Public events removed from the Dueling Arena plug. The achievement Pit Fighter can still be achieved by dueling inside the arena.
Fixed the "Send All to Crate" button in the Housing List panel for visiting Roommates.
Fixed an issue preventing players from entering the Underground Bunker, Spacious Cassian, Spacious Chua, and Spaceship houses.
Fix for the housing action bar not disabling properly when the player visits another residence they don't have permission to.
50 new decor pieces are available from the Housing Vendor.
More than one 'Chua Guard (Style 1)' decor can now be placed.
Fixed a bug where decor placed around the center house plot wouldn't load correctly for certain players.
Fixed manually typing in a scale value for decor in the Advanced Panel to override the default max scale values.
Interactive decor will no longer be enabled after being moved while in edit mode.
The faction guards and alien guests or worker decor now have their scale clamped between 0.9 and 1.2.
The 'Exile Guard (Female, Style 1)' decor is now correctly categorized in 'Characters and Creatures'.
Vendor items that cost alternate currency properly display them in the tooltip instead of gold.
In-Game Store
The three durations of Flask of Fame each have a unique display.
Essences (which tracks your Carrot fill in Madame Fay's Fortunes) will no longer show up in the account inventory UI.
Item Tooltips now indicate if an item can not be deleted.
Some incorrect dye names have been adjusted.
Bags which turn into Malfunctioning Items will now be mailed to the character. Items that are stored in these malfunctioning bags will be moved within the inventory or mailed to the character if their inventory is full. This will work for both the backpack and the bank.
The dye costs for Eldan Gold and Green have been dramatically reduced.
There is no longer an Item Tooltip LUA error when mousing over items that cannot be deleted.
Rune Sets
Rune Sets and Rune Set bonuses have been adjusted.
Specials are displayed next to the socketed rune icon in item tooltips.
Augmentor Rune Tokens will now be replaced by the correct tier of Rune Tokens.
Fixed a bug in Runecrafting that allowed some elements to be dragged around that shouldn't have been able to.
Created new tutorial panels for runes and runecrafting to explain the changes to those systems.
Added introductory crafting quests into Thayd and Illium in the event that these quests were missed in the starting zones.
Added colorized text links to all work orders to linked schematics.
Added end game crafting items to the Tier 5 Crafting bag from Bev-O-Loot.
Crafting variants belonging to a previously selected schematic will no longer incorrectly appear.
Salvage loot is now being properly rewards for items ilvl 50+.
Restored the multiple rolls on the salvage table when salvaging items of higher quality.
User Interface
Account Inventory
Moved Entitlements from the Account Inventory addon to the Character panel.
Fixed malfunctioning filter buttons.
Challenge rewards now show the total reward track points earned if you get to each medal tier.
Chat Log
Omnibits earned will now be displayed in the "Loot" channel in chat instead of the combat log.
Custom chat channel commands will no longer result in an unrelated error message.
The key slot no longer counts towards your average item level.
When the player is returning a Communicator call (Default Keybind: 'C'), calls that turn in achieved quests will now be preferred over missed calls.
Content Finder
Fixed an issue that caused the Content Finder's "Join as Group" button to remain enabled.
Fixed an issue where players could not queue for Warplots.
Circuitboard Crafting
Added the cost to craft the item to the Craft and Start Craft buttons.
Players may now open the store to purchase service tokens.
Guild Registration
The Guild Registration window now works correctly with Automatic Mouse Look enabled
Fixed an error that occurred when the player tried to swap costumes while that functionality is on cooldown.
Fixed an error that occurred when mousing over deprecated items that are equipped in a costume.
Interface Menu List
The Interface Menu List will now inform players if any live events are currently active in the world.
The keybind for Sit now works correctly.
Level Up Unlocks
Attribute increase level up unlock notifications have been removed.
Login Incentives
Fixed an error that can cause a crash when trying to view rewards after the current final reward.
Fixed an improper message when attempting to open multiple mail messages at once.
Match Tracker
Fixed an error that occurs when a player leaves Walatiki as a flag is being picked up or dropped.
Added a label that tells players which team they're on.
Fixed an error that occurred when attempting to vote to surrender.
Hitting escape while a cinematic has faded out the screen will no longer bring up the options menu.
Path Tracker
Optimized the various Path tracking addons.
Quest Tracker
Improved the performance of the Quest Tracker
The quest name for imbuements will no longer display a stat name.
Recall Frame
Added controls to spend service tokens.
Resource Conversion
The Resource Conversion window now works correctly with Automatic Mouse Look.
Sprint Meter
The Sprint Meter now shows correctly after changing zones
The store now notifies players if they cannot claim an item because they have already reached the limit on that type of item.
Fixed the tooltips for décor packs in the store.
Changed the Store’s default keybinding to ‘U’
Opening the store now stops the player’s movement
Fixed an issue that caused items that required Loyalty Rewards to appear "Locked" even though they should be available to claim.
Taxi Map
Fixed a bug that allowed players to zoom out too far in the Taxi Map
Updated tooltips and confirmation window for Rapid Transport.
The Taxi Map window now works with Automatic Mouse Look mode.
Added the option to hide POIs while using Rapid Transport.
Item tooltips have undergone significant changes to reflect the new stat and runecrafting systems.
Updated the creature difficulty markers on unit tooltips.
Item tooltips will only show the active stage of an imbuement chain.
Fixed an issue where tutorials would appear behind the chat window and objective tracker.
Fixed an issue where closing the vendor settings window would close the entire vendor window.
Fixed a duplicate ship appearing during M13 Arrival cinematic.
Lighting bug has been fixed in character creation/select screen.
The Metal Maw cinematic should now properly play the second time a player encounters it regardless of whether or not they skipped it the first time.
SFX is now in sync on Metal Maw's birth animation.
Chua Warblimp SFX volumes have been updated.
Fixed volume level of Announcer VO to be more in line with other VO volume levels.
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Next Content Drop scheduled for early 2015

Hello all!  Chad Moore has recently announced that the next content drop, schueduled for early 2015 is currently available on the PTR for testing. It includes updates to LFG including perks and extra xp, a Veteran mode for all Shiphand missions and armor updates. Here is the complete post by Chad Moore of Carbine Studios. 
Hey everyone!
We've just released our upcoming content update on the PTR and it is good to see that improvements and enhancements are being well received. Many of the changes are a direct result of feedback from our players.
Over the past few months we’ve received a lot of feedback about WildStar. Much of it has focused on the fact that although many of our systems are unique, engaging and fun, many of them are inaccessible to certain groups of players. At Carbine, our philosophy has always been "play the way you want to play," and therefore we have been working very hard to make sure players can experience and enjoy WildStar's content - regardless of their level or playstyle preference.  Along with these accessibility initiatives, we made a lot of what we call "quality of life" adjustments, continuing to improve and streamline the overall experience of WildStar across a variety of different areas. The result? From what players have said so far, this is our best update yet.
What are some of these cool new things, you might ask? Let me tell you!

Players will now have access to a low-level training dungeon calledProtogames Academy, teaching them the team mechanics that will lead to greater success in group content.
We're releasing a brand new level-six Shiphand Mission called They Came From Fragment Zero! which takes place in the unexplored reaches of the Halon Ring!
There are now Veteran versions of all Shiphand Missions, giving max-level solo and group players additional content once they reach level cap.
We have enhanced the LFG tool, which now includes access to all Shiphand Missions - allowing players to queue up whether they want to play solo or with a group.
A new random queue bonus has been added to the group finder that will yield valuable currency and experience along with helping queue times.
We added tons of new player customization options - including costumes, as well as the ability to alter your avatar's physical appearance after character creation!
We made significant adjustments to the quest experience in our early zones, focusing on things like quest flow, objective counts, and group accessibility.
We've improved the Dungeon Medal system, providing greater insight into how you are progressing through a dungeon's objectives, and rewarding you every step of the way.
We’ve added a new currency type called Glory which is earned by completing dungeons and raids. Glory can be exchanged for high-quality gear in the capital cities.
A new dungeon, called Ultimate Protogames, which offers our max-level players exciting new challenges from the galaxy's most infamous (and profit-minded!) corporation!
We are adjusting the group size requirement for Datascape from 40 to 20 players, allowing more players to experience this awesome raid!
I hope that hearing about this new content gets you excited about all the things that are happening in WildStar, and I would encourage all of you log into the PTR and get a sneak preview. As always, we want to hear what you have to say about the game, so get in there, play and send us your feedback. We've done a lot of work, and have a lot more planned for 2015. We are fully committed to this game, and to the players - like you - who make it great.
Chad Moore

WildStar Creative
Carbine Studios
Here are a few screenshots from the new drop provided by Carbine. 

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[ENTITY/EXILE] A Different Kind =ADK= | Exile Casual PvE

Server & Faction Info

Realm: Entity
Faction: Exiles
Play Style: Casual Raiding guild (PvE)
Guild Days: Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday @ 8:30 PM-12:00 AM PDT
VoIP: Teamspeak
Contacts: Grimkel Stonegiant, StandOrFall TheFixx, Thal Talonstorm, Xencor Rogers or      Starchild Silversun

Things we as a guild are looking for!

Teamwork First and Fore Most!  It is the integral part of a guild!
The ability to learn and grow with the guild.  We are looking for dedicated players that want to play with a group.
Have a casual attitude towards the game.  We are PVE guild, but real life takes a priority to any game.
No age limits, but mature players wanted.
Level there Main and keep progressing it.  We do not have a issue with alt’s, but we want a player ready to do the events we have scheduled.

What =ADK= can offer you!

Schedule Events(Adventures, Dungeons, World Bosses, or Raids) one week in advance.
Opportunity for growth in a guild (Higher ranking positions)
Teamwork and a sense of “Esprit decor”
A Community that supports members first, game play second.  A community that has military members that play when time is available.
And the added benefit of the Large ADK community and all 26 games it is involved with.

Message to the Masses!

Yo Exiles! Tired of lone wolfing your way around the vastness that is Nexus!  Feeling lonely in the world!  Or just looking for a group that is care free to run dungeons and raids with?  Seek no more my friends, A Different Kind(ADK) is here on Entity. ADK is a Semi-casual PvE Guild.  We are not hardcore, we believe that games are a leisure setting to unwind and forget about your troubles for a few hours.

ADK still has goals as a guild. We meet up and run instances, adventures, world bosses, and dungeons, and raids as a group between 2 to 3 times a week.  With the ultimate goal of fielding Elder game raid parties.  But we take the casual approach to it.  Enjoy the game, then when you reach max level, focus on being raid ready.

Our History

Who is A Different Kind?  Well, it is best if I quote the webpage itself.
The =ADK= Multi-Gaming Community was founded in mid 2009. =ADK= was created as a fun, laid back gaming environment to give gamers for any game a place to call home and be able to help expand the community to others around the world. The community strives off of member activity and the more the members are involved the more the community grows. So we don't just stick to one game, rather try to have as many games as possible associated with the community.

ADK is in about 25 different games, and each one we have a decent size group that concentrates on the fun of the games.  These games are to include World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, Dungeons and Dragons; Neverwinter, Elder Scrolls Online, and now Wildstar.  So that means we have players with experience and knowledge in MMO’s to make the game enjoyable and progressive for everyone. The name of the game for ADK Wildstar is fun through teamwork.

Current Status of the Guild and Positions Opened…….
Some of our members are currently finishing up the last Veteran Dungeon, SSM, and we will working on the World Bosses later this week.  We are currently in need of Healers, Tanks, and DPS class.  No current restriction on any classes at this moment.

Esper -Open
Warrior - Open
Engineer - Open
Spellslinger - Open
Medic - Open
Stalker - Open

Contact and Site Information
If any of this strikes your fancy, please visit the ADK Wildstar forums.  You can also message Grimkel Stonegiant, StandOrFall TheFixx, Thal Talonstorm, Xencor Rogers or Starchild Silversun in game for a guild invite.

Also, visit the Main ADK website to register as a member and enjoy the full benefits of its vastness, including a Community phone app which will update you with community events including our Wildstar faction!

Last, we are also on Facebook which you can chose to follow and receive updates via the social networks.
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Twitter: @AOC_Gaming_se
Formed: 2008 (officiell spillforening sidan 2011)
languide: swedish/Norwegian
Voice Comms: TeamSpeak
Faction: Dominion
Server: Jabbit 
Servertyp: Pve
Promotion video:
Who we are? 
Aesir Online Community: is a swedish/Norwegian multigaming community with a wide range of clans/guilds in multiple games. We have a IRL meeting twise a year "summer and winter" where all the members can join. 
Our sponsors are: GreenManGaming, G2play and Paradox INteractive  
Aesir and wildstar
As everyone know a lot of wildstar players have quit  and guilds have been disbanded. We in Aesir will not give up our guild and are looking for active players. We in management appreciate good communication, community, and simply have fun when we play together. WildStar Aesir welcome all types of players, from hardcore to casual. Come join us today and Participate two rebuild our guild!
Our intentions with the guild is:
- Have someone to play with
- To be social- Share out gaming experiences
- Helping each other out
We are also replacing our management and need dedicated officers.
Guild structure
Guild-Leader: Elielisa
How to be a member with us
Register yourself at Aesir:
into the wildstar guild here:
application with be taken care of as soona s possible.
We will see each other at Nexus
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Straight from Carbine Studios
Send questions here!
Hey everyone!
First and foremost, I would like to thank all of you for playing WildStar and making our first three months an exciting and unforgettable time! We couldn't have done it without you! It has been awesome to see everyone running around Nexus and experiencing all of the adventures it has to offer.
For some of you, part of that adventure is delving into the lore of our races, our factions, and of planet Nexus itself. Through datacubes, journals, the Galactic Archives and Tales From Beyond The Fringe, we have done our best to offer you a veritable cornucopia of lore available at every turn as you play through the game. No secret was safe! No page left unwritten! No subject taboo!
But, despite our best efforts, there are still many questions that have yet to be answered. Nexus is a living world full of rabid lorehounds, and they won't rest until all of the mysteries of the galaxy have been revealed!
With that in mind, we are going to start a new initiative called Loremageddon where I and other members of the Narrative Design team will answer lore questions collected from the community. We will focus mainly on questions that are not currently answered in the game, working with all of you to expand WildStar's universe. And the best part? We will add all that delicious lore back into the game, so that new players and old can enjoy it.
Here's how it works:
You have until the 21st of September to ask your Lore question by either replying to this thread or asking me on twitter (in English) to @Pappylicious using #WSLoremageddon. You can also tweet in French/German to @WildStar_FR / @WildStar_DE respectively.
With the help of the community team we’ll select the best questions and will answer them in a future post!
Ready? The first Loremageddon starts today! So send in those questions and we'll get to work!
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